Parents post photos of their children on social media, right or wrong?

Baby learns to walk

Through reading the assigned article Don’t Post About Me on Social Media, I start to realize that parents’ poster can bring their children so much embarrassment. Just like me, many parents do not recognize their actions of sharing children’s digital information may cause potential problems. Their initial purpose is just to record their children‘s growth, communicate experience, ask for help, and so on. In general, when parents post children’s digital identities, they consider positive results rather than negative ones.


Many parents post their children's photos online

However, on the other hand, parents’ posters also can lead to some potential issues. For example, posters may leave bad memories or embarrassing experience on children’s future growth, which is mentioned by KJ DELL’ANTONIA. These experiences can worse the relationship between parents and children.




Simultaneously, these pictures or video that parents post, may also be stolen from online gallery by criminals, in order to use for online bullying. Network bullying such as internet mass hunting, track, and sexual harassment, can cause teens suicide. There are a lot of young people are suffering serious problems in their work and life cause by cyberbullying as well.



What is worse, because of the digital information disclosure, children may be targeted by criminals. In this way, these pictures and personal information will make children be in danger. As criminals may be planning kidnapping, child-trafficking, according to the digital information that parents posted on various social media. This kind of crimes did happen in China.



parents should respect children's opinion

Therefore, when parents post their children’s pictures and videos on social media, they should pay more attention to personal information protection. In this way, parents should respect their children’s opinion. If children express their discontent about what parents do, parents should be patient, and listen to children’s voice. Communication can help parents understand their children’s thought in time, which can avoid mutual misunderstanding. Meanwhile if it needs, parents should apologize for their wrong decisions, and delete the posters that their children do not like. Moreover, parents have the responsibility to protect their children’s safety and privacy. Parents should not only learn more network security knowledge and use appropriate tools to protect children’s online privacy, but also should explain to their children that uploaded information on social media will be widespread and keep for a long time. It is necessary for parents to teach their children to protect their privacy rights, and also to fulfill their corresponding responsibilities.


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